2015.11.18 AM 10:00 A115 Workshops
2015.11.18 AM10.20~11.19 PM5:00 Venues
A117/A204/A308/A423/A303 Closing
2015.11.19 PM5:20 A117
Design thinking utilizes a designer’s sensibility and ideology to encourage desirable goals based on consumer expectations and to focus on users’ experiences, especially their emotional ones. In recent years, advancement of digital solutions has dramatically transformed our lifestyle in ways that were previously unimaginable. Technological revolutions including big data, IoT and 3D printing also pose as influential factors on our lives. Thus, designers need to be able to manipulate these innovative resources in order to even begin pursuing the evolution of design thinking. This coming fall, we will be facilitating design workshops for both students and faculties based at Asia University with 5 international experts in attendance as keynote speakers.